Mehdi Jahan


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Original Title: Jyoti aru Joymoti
Year: 2017                      
Language : Assamese
Duration: 27 minutes 40 seconds
Shooting Format: Digital      
Aspect Ratio: 4:3   
Genre: Drama             
Film Colour: Black and White

Crew :
Writer, Director, Producer : Mehdi Jahan
Co-Producers : Syed Manuwar Hussain, Syeda Jebin Begum Hussain
Cinematographer : Ranabir Das
Editor : Sanjay Sukul Tudu, Swapnil R. Sangle
Sound Design and Mix : Rahul Rabha
Cast : Aabha Bai, Pratiksha Gogoi, Prashanta Bora, Kathale Deepak Chandrakant, Rahul Rabha

Synopsis :

A fatally shot rebel stumbles upon an old woman in a mysterious forest. The old woman brings him back to life by telling a tale she has told several such rebels. Her husband, who ran a canteen during the Sino-Indian War, used to narrate this story to soldiers who visited his canteen. Her husband never returned from the war but various versions of his story reached her through soldiers who survived the war. Personal memories and collective histories blend into one entity as the old lady's story unfolds, transforming the landscape into a theater of dreams and memories where several scenes from the history of Assam plays out again.

Screenings and Awards :
1. Mumbai International Film Festival 2018 ( MIFF 2018), Prism Section.

2. Station to Station – Independent Film Festival 2018, Tallinn, Estonia.

3. Signs 2018 Film Festival, Trichur, Kerala.
Award : 12th John Abraham National Award for Best Film-Short Feature

4. 16th Bogota Short Film Festival/BOGOSHORTS, Bogota, Colombia.
Section : International Competition Fiction

5. 6th Kolkata People’s Film Festival 2019.
Section : New Indian Fiction

6. 1st Guwahati International Documentary, Short, and Animation Film Festival

7. 15th International Short & Independent Film Festival, Dhaka, 2019
Section : NETPAC Jury Award

8.  Personal Cinema : Mehdi Jahan (A Collection of Films by Mehdi Jahan),  Millennium Film Workshop, New York (Curated by Alex Faoro)

Online Platform : 24 hrs online film festival organized by Suchitra Film Society in collaboration with Pedestrian Pictures and Bangalore International Short Film Festival.
Dates : August 1, 2020 - August 2, 2020.