Mehdi Jahan


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Year : 2022
Language : English, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Bengali, etc
Duration : 12 minutes 20 seconds
Shooting Format : Digital
Genre : Video Essay

Crew :

Director, Editor :  Sabrina D.Marques, Mehdi Jahan, Dan Shoval
Producer : Plataforma Germinal
Narrator : Adrian Martin  

Synopsis :

A video essay exploring 'palm reading' in Cinema history. Fragments from various films come together and interact with one another, constructing a narrative about the possible exchanges between the past and future that is predicted in the present moment through the act of palm reading in Cinema, hinting at narrative possibilities and associations across the history of Cinema.

Maybe it’s a science. Maybe it’s a fantasy. Chiromancy or Palmistry is the art of reading the past, present or future in someone’s handlines. Each hand is a landscape of intersections, dots, bumps, curves, ramifications and textures. Each hand is like a screen yet to be filled by a movie. In the hands of multiple possibilities of adventure, cinema has always travelled through palm-reading. Suspecting, predicting, failing or confirming ... what does destiny reserve? The mysterious narrative thickens.

Screenings :
1. FILMADRID 2022, Madrid, Spain ( ‘The Video Essay’ section, in collaboration with Mubi )

2. Marienbad Film Festival 2023, Czech Republic
Section : International Competition for Audiovisual Essay and Videographic Criticism.